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Why Authenticity Matters | Brand Development

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Want your business to stand out from the crowd? Then make sure your brand is staying authentic!

Brand Development | Small Business Growth | Sacramento Marketing

The Short Version:

  • Consumers want real!
  • Business is personal…not just numbers and spreadsheets
  • Brand development will help you remain authentic

Thanks to social media, consumers have more “insight” into many businesses than ever before. This has helped many smaller brands grow into bigger brands, as consumers are able to connect with stories, causes, and missions that align with their own beliefs. Without the reach that social media provides, these smaller brands would otherwise go unfound and unnoticed, unable to compete with the marketing budgets of the Fortune 500’s.

However, all this access is also causing problems. We got trust issues, baby!

It’s All About Advertising

Here’s the thing: when something works, people tend to copy it. As more and more small businesses and “influencers” found success on social media, more and more people tried to replicate their success. In fact, many people DID find success following a simple system:

  1. find trendy dance/song/audio clip
  2. create video using said trendy audio, doing pretty much anything
  3. bonus points (i.e. views) if you show some skin
  4. rinse
  5. repeat

Then just trust the “algorithm” to work its magic and put your content in front of thousands of eyes. Interestingly enough, some of the most “popular” influencers aren’t actually selling anything (other than themselves). They are instead being compensated by social platforms for viewership. These platforms then sell advertising to the big brands.

In case you haven’t noticed…we all ditched regular TV because we hated ads…but now ads are everywhere again! YouTube…IG…TikTok is basically a nonstop cycle of 30 second home made ads disguised as “content”…even cable alternatives like Hulu and Paramount+ have ads and that is even WITH the so-called “ad free” subscription!!!

So what does this have to do with being authentic? Keep reading…

Real is in Demand

People are quick to jump on the bandwagon and try to grab their own slice of the pie, so-to-speak. And that is totally fair. However, consumers are fickle, and the reality is that consumers are getting burned out. They are absolutely inundated with “content”, and the frustration is that it is hard to pick out who and what is “real” and who/what is just trying to make a quick buck using the same formula.

I mean, “buyer beware” has never been more true. That shredded guy on IG slanging protein and a new, “secret” yet trendy Asian herb that Joe Rogan mentioned on a podcast, might have the abs and muscles of your dreams, but is really on enough steroids to kill a horse…but he’ll never tell you that. Same goes for that fitness chick, by the way, ladies.

We want to believe that this regular guy on IG who is just like us…really made $3,456 today trading stocks using AI, or really drives that exotic car, or really quit his job and works from home and makes all the money working 3 hours a day. And maybe he really is just like us. And maybe all those things are true.

But probably not.

My guess is for every 1 real success story, or real small business, or real fitness influencer on social, there are 100 or more pretenders, using the same platform, formula, and audio clips to get in front of you. And consumers are tired of sifting through the fake to find the real.

Because we WANT to believe. We want it to be us. We want it to work.

And people are capitalizing on it. They are selling you on a dream, and that’s exactly what you get. And when reality sinks back in, and that dream ain’t paying the bills, we are left disheartened and disappointed. Consumers don’t want a dream. They just want real.

To Thine Own Self, Be True

I truly believe that at the end of the day, real wins out. Sure, jumping on the bandwagon might net a few people a few bucks. However, at the end of the day, good business is built on providing real solutions to real peoples’ very real problems. If you have a passion for something, and that something happens to be a solution to a problem, well then brother, you’ve got gold.

I think AUTHENTICITY is one of the most lacking things out there these days.-Chris Sacco

Tools of Titans, Tim Ferris

When it comes to getting your business out there, don’t fall into the trap of what everyone else is doing, ESPECIALLY if it doesn’t align with your brand. While there are some fairly universal “best practices”, what needs to shine through is your real, authentic self.

This is why brand development is more important than ever. You have to truly understand your values, goals, and mission before you create your brand. Then you need to skillfully have that brand come to life through your logo, content, and marketing. Everything you do should be a reflection of your core business values. That’s what is real, that’s what will resonate with the right people, that’s what gets you remembered.

Being Real is Actually Easier Than Not

The best part is, if your business is just a reflection of your core values and goals, then business is easy. Just be you. Unapologetically you. And you will find your market, your niche, your people.

Yes, you should be on social media. You should have a website. You should have an SEO strategy. Your business needs to exist where your potential customers are, and today that place is mostly digital.

But no, you don’t need to be “trendy”. You don’t need to do a TikTok dance (unless you like doing them!). Just be authentic. Remember, your business should be about solutions. About helping people. Passion for that is what will connect with your audience, who will hopefully become customers.

Need a Little Help? Call The Institution

If you are a small business trying to get off the ground, or even a seasoned business looking to connect with your audience more, we can help. Brand development is not easy. We can help. That is our passion. Helping small businesses find their success. Let us help you.


If you need help getting started, contact The Institution today. We can help you with brand development that meets your business goals and drives results.

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Brand Development | Small Business Growth | Sacramento Marketing


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