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Do This 1 Simple Thing for Better SEO Results | EASY SEO

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SEO doesn’t have to be expensive or tricky. Follow this simple tip to master your SEO.

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The Short Version:

  • SEO takes time and effort
  • Don’t get paralyzed by over analysis
  • Frequent, relevant updates to your website and social media are the most effective way to improve your SEO

Keep It Simple, Stupid

If you aren’t “doing SEO” then you are likely missing out on customers. Effective SEO allows you to exist where most customers are looking for you: on search engines. Really good SEO allows people to find you when they don’t even know you exist.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of SEO. Despite what high dollar marketing agencies will tell you, SEO can really be quite simple. The one super simple thing you can do for better SEO, right now, is to update your website and social media regularly.

Here are a few easy SEO steps to follow:

1. Update your website with fresh content regularly

2. Update your social media pages with content regularly

3. Keep your content simple and true to your company’s voice

4. The content is for your audience, not for search engines

SEO is in the Details

Anyone should be able to follow those steps and see it improve their digital presence. Of course, fine tuning those steps is how you make SEO more effective. If you are consistent with your updates, you will see that over time, your search engine page rankings will start to improve and people will find you online easier.

For example, what does it mean to “update your website regularly”? Honestly, that depends. In general, The Institution recommends at least updates to content monthly. However, there is no cookie cutter formula. It depends on how busy your website is already. How people engage with your website. And of course, how much time you have to put towards updates. Is more always better? Not necessarily, but it can be (see tip #4). If the content is relevant and interesting to your audience/customers, then more content could mean more engagement. However, there is always a tipping point where too much or too often loses relevancy.

The same applies to your social media pages. Social media makes this part even easier than website updates. Websites take some level of technical know-how to update them, and even more to understand how people are responding to them. Social media tells you, in real time, front and center, if people are into what you are posting. Is a certain post getting a lot of “likes”, “shares”, and “comments”? Then do more like that.

Get a Little Help From a Friend

OK, hopefully you feel a little less intimidated by SEO at this point. You still may need some help though. The Institution is here for you. We can teach you how to update your website, help you develop an appropriate schedule, and even help you develop content. Want to be hands free? We can take over SEO for you at a price that fits your budget.

The main point is, you HAVE to be doing something to make sure your audience can find you, and anyone can do a little SEO for themselves.

CONTACT US TODAY for an SEO audit of your website so you can see where you need to improve.

Want help designing your SEO strategy? Reach out. Our motto is “with you, not for you”, because we believe the best way to help you is by helping you learn how to do it yourself (like training wheels, we help make sure you do it right).

“We do it with you, not for you”

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