Quick Guide to EASY, Affordable SEO

Institution Enterprises-Social Media Marketing | Affordable SEO Keep SEO Simple with These Tips The Short Version: SEO does not have to be confusing. Keep your website fast. Write content for people not search engines. Stick to those principals and everything else is just gravy on top! Go Fast Ricky Bobby We live in an instant gratification society. People want it, and they want it NOW. When it comes to your website, Google says 3 seconds is sort of the cut off. According to eConsultancy, 40% of people leave a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. And according to Amazon, 1 second of lag time would cost them $1.6 B-B-B-Billion in sales per year!!!!! Want to make sure your website is fast enough? Use any number of FREE speed test tools, and READ THIS ARTICLE!!! 1 second in load lag time would cost Amazon $1.6 billion in sales per year!!! http://www.fastcompany.com/1825005/how-one-second-could-cost-amazon-16-billion-sales?source=post_page WRITE IN HUMAN, NOT ROBOT Been hammering this one for awhile, but I still see it all the time. Your content needs to be written for your audience, first and foremost. Create an ENGAGING, INTERESTING, and RELEVANT piece of content, and you are 90% of the way … Continue reading Quick Guide to EASY, Affordable SEO