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Improve Your Content Marketing with One Easy Step

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Creating content is the foundation of effective SEO and overall marketing. But is your content getting the job done?

How to Create Content | Content Marketing Folsom

The Short Version:

  • Content marketing is a great way to connect with your audience
  • Have a plan to make content marketing more effective
  • Effective content will improve your SEO

Growing your business is no small task. On top of just making sure your product or service is right, you have to also find a way to get noticed. In today’s market, it is all about “being found”.

Most businesses are found online in a Google search, or by word of mouth. When it comes to being found online, you have to make sure that the search engines of the world know about your business.

Content Marketing for Beginners

Content marketing is just the fancy phrase for the words and messages you use to reach your audience. The headlines on your articles, the words on your door hangers, the posts on your Facebook.

Every business, large or small, is doing some form of content marketing simply by communicating with their customers in any way. Content can be a great way to connect with potential customers. However, it can also cause problems if your message is confusing, inconsistent, or controversial.

Be purposeful in your content and it will benefit you.


The One Easy Step to Improve Your Content

To that point, if there is just ONE simple thing a business can do to improve their content, it is this: HAVE A PLAN.

A content marketing plan will make sure that:

  • your message is clear and consistent
  • your brand is represented properly
  • your target market can find your content
  • your target market is not confused

Before you start blasting information out, mailing out thousands of sales promotions, or investing in ad campaigns, have a PLAN in place for your content.

Things to consider when creating a content marketing plan include:

  • what does the brand represent and how does this content support that?
  • who am I trying to attract, specifically, with this content?
  • what am I trying to accomplish with this piece of content?
  • where am I sharing this content, is the material appropriate for this platform?
  • is this content honest, real, and representative of my company?
content marketing strategy

The Added Benefit of Content Marketing

The important thing about a content marketing plan is not that it is complex and expensive. It can be effective in its simplicity. And an effective plan will lead to higher quality content, which leads to the added benefit of improving your SEO as well. Content and SEO work hand in hand.

Start Content Marketing Today to Help Your Business Grow

There is no reason not to be implementing some kind of SEO strategy. This applies to start-ups, small businesses, medium sized businesses, and mom-and-pops. SEO is NOT just for large corporations.

In fact, as a small business, there is less competition locally, so SEO can be even more effective, and affordable. Institution Enterprises will work with your budget and help you maximize your investment.

CONTACT THE INSTITUTION today to get started. We can analyze your current website to see where you are starting from, make recommendations, and help get you on your way to effective, affordable SEO!

Want help designing your content marketing strategy? Reach out. Our motto is “with you, not for you”, because we believe the best way to help you is by helping you learn how to do it yourself (like training wheels, we help make sure you do it right).

“We do it with you, not for you”

Institution Enterprises is a Sacramento marketing firm that provides a new standard in business consulting and education, helping your start-up or seasoned business design the practices and customs for success in today’s marketplace.

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