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SEO Content | SEO Made Easy: 3 Step Guide

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Institution Enterprises-SEO Made Easy SEO Content

Don’t Complicate SEO! Make SEO Easy With These Steps

(Part 2 of 3: SEO Content)

The Short Version:

To help Google find your site, you have to have the right SEO content, as well as the right “human” content. SEO content is primarily done “behind the scenes”, meaning that only search engines see it, not users. It is critical to have this done properly so that search engines can find your site, and recognize it for the service you are providing.

“If you build it…”

Just like in Field of Dreams, if you build SEO, they will come. Here’s the thing-most people don’t know the first thing about SEO, so they get suckered into paying big bucks to a marketing firm, or web developer, to “do the SEO” for them. Not everyone can afford the big bucks though. Especially start-up companies. I get it, maybe you’ve “got a guy” who can piece together a decent looking site, but leaves all the SEO-ing to you. Well, my friend, this is where we come in to help..

Easy SEO PART 1: Site Speed can be found right HERE

First things first. If you are building a site, or having it built, we recommend using WordPress. It is hands down the most user friendly platform that comes with access to a ton of “plugins” and widgets to allow even an amateur to design and optimize a site. Our recommendations are based on you having admin access to your WordPress website. If you are using Wix, or SquareSpace, or some super coder is building it on their own platform…well…good luck.

Still doing SEO the “old” way?? Here is what you need for 2018!

This is the down and dirty, clean and simple, straight no chaser easy SEO guide. Read it. Learn it. Apply it. And as always, CONTACT US if you still need some help! (Make sure your site is already running at top speed by reading about it in PART 1…)

Easy SEO steps:

Step 2: Writing SEO CONTENT

There are 2 kinds of content. The first kind is strategic. We call “SEO Content”. It is using “keywords” and phrases that people will use when looking for your product or service. It is also what search engines will recognize as being part of your website. If the content a search engine finds on your website matches the keywords and phrases that people are searching for, then *PRESTO*, your site gets ranked on page 1 of Google! SEO content is pretty formulaic. Fill in the right words in the right places, so that search engines can find your site.

The other kind of content is “human content”. It is the stuff that really matters. It is the stuff that your potential customer will see on your website and read in your articles. Search engines see this stuff too, but they don’t really read it. They just look for the keywords and phrases. If this content is really good, your customers will buy your stuff or use your service. This is the main goal, obviously. Good human content helps SEO. A lot. Unfortunately, human content is a lot harder to write.

Basic SEO vs True SEO

This section will cover SEO content. It will tell you where, on the “back-end” of your website, you need to make sure you have the right keywords and phrases. This is basic, foundational SEO. True SEO requires on-going content updates, and high quality human content. This is important to understand. If a marketing firm or website developer tells you they are going to “optimize” your site for SEO, but that doesn’t include on-going regular “human content” development, then they aren’t really optimizing your site. At best, they are just doing the basics. Super important to do the basics. However, it is super easy to do the basics yourself.

Step 1 Easy SEO Content: Keywords

Keywords are the main words and phrases that people will use when looking for your product or service. For example, if you sell cigars in Sacramento, some basic keywords would include “cigars sacramento”, “best cigars sacramento”, etc…

Keywords should be natural and simple. Now, there is a little bit of strategy involved, but that will be discussed in a separate article. For now, pick the top 2 or 3 things about your company that define it and differentiate it. For example, if you sell cigars in Sacramento, and they are all hand rolled, then you may want to highlight that unique differentiator. So use a keyword like “hand rolled cigars Sacramento”. Think of how your audience will search, and use those words. Put them in a spreadsheet or write them down somewhere.

Step 2 Easy SEO Content: SEO Titles/Optimizing Pages

This is where you do the work to make sure the search engines see your website. This is “back end” stuff-your users won’t see this, just the search engines. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using the SEO plug-in, Yoast. It is one of the best tools you can add to your website. It will basically “red/yellow/green light” your SEO efforts using the best check list around. With Yoast, it is very easy to optimize any page for any keyword. Once you have Yoast installed follow the next steps…

  • From your WordPress dashboard go to “pages”.
  • Click on any page that you want to optimize (you should optimize all of your pages).
  • Scroll down to the Yoast SEO section. Click on the actual page title (highlighted in blue usually) under snippet preview to open a drop down section called SEO title, slug, and meta description.
  • Now, fill in the SEO title section with your main keywords.
  • The slug is basically the URL for that page. You want the URL to be short and descriptive. If you can use a keyword, great. For example, for your cigar company, if you are working on a page that describes the hand rolling process, the “slug” is the part that comes after your main domain name. “www.saccigars.com/handrolled”, for example.
  • The meta description is the short highlighted content that will show up on the search engine. Write up a brief description for your audience so that they know for sure your page has what they are looking for. If you can add a keyword in there naturally, even better! (If you don’t write a meta description, Yoast will automatically use the content at the top of the page. This may work just fine.)
  • Do this for each page, using similar or same keywords, depending on the specific content on the page.

Be Seen By Google

OK, if you do that correctly for your main website pages, you will successfully have optimized your website on a basic level. Essentially, you have given your site the framework of SEO, with whatever keywords you chose. The real SEO work comes with ongoing human content, however, this is a critical first step.

Easy SEO step 3, coming next! Don’t miss it!

Easy SEO Step 3 will cover leveraging social media to drive traffic and strengthen SEO. SUBSCRIBE NOW to make sure you don’t miss this important step to improving your SEO. Still confused by steps 1 and 2?? CONTACT US today for a FREE consultation and website SEO audit! This is a tremendous value (usually already a great value at $99), and will let you know if you are missing any foundational steps for SEO.

“We do it with you, not for you”

Institution Enterprises provides a new standard in business consulting and education, helping your start-up or seasoned business design the practices and customs for success in today’s marketplace.

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