SEO Tips 2018-Stop Using Old Tactics!

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Institution Enterprises-SEO tips 2018

SEO is Always Changing…Are You Still Using Old Tactics?

The Short Version:

Make sure you are up to date on what search engines are looking for when it comes to SEO. Are you still focused on “keywords”? That just might be holding back your SEO!

Let’s keep this SUUUUUPERRRR simple:


  • keywords everywhere
  • hiding keywords in the background
  • keywords forced unnaturally into content
  • keyword metatags
  • keywords repeated over and over
  • keywords > content


  • content
  • content
  • content
  • images
  • content
  • be everywhere

Keywords matter, but…

Over the last 10 years or so, SEO has come a long ways. “Keywords” is pretty much all you hear about. Marketing firms like to make it sound extra fancy, selling you on how they perform a “keyword data analytical thesaurus comparative saturation marketing index” cross referenced with fancy terms like “cost per click”, in order for them to develop your SEO strategy. Sounds legit, especially when you know nothing about SEO. Keywords still matter, but not in the way they used to. Why? Because Google is basically SkyNet (you know, from Terminator? Artificial Intelligence that tried to destroy the human race?)

Google is basically reading our mindsis google skynet? Institution Enterprises

SEO is used to get your website to come up when people search for keywords related to your business. So, like 5-10 years ago, the way Google knew to put your website on page 1, was if your website had that keyword all over your website. It was a fairly binary system-Google took the search literally, so whatever you typed in, it looked for. It looked for the websites with the exact same search terms, with the most volume. This is why SEO became keyword driven. People thought they could (and did successfully for a little while) manipulate Google into ranking their websites first, if they dominated certain relevant keywords.

Today, the Google “search spiders” are so advanced that they now can interpret peoples’ searches. Instead of just searching for websites with the specific search terms that someone typed in, Google actually interprets the meaning behind the search terms. No longer can you just flood your website with search terms and keywords that you think people are looking for…you have to actually provide the content that people are looking for.

Content > Keywords

This is why content matters most. If your website has stuff that people want-whether it be something to sell, or information, or whatever, Google will find you based on your website and brand as a whole. Not based on just keywords. Create articles that people want to read, sell something that people need, and put it out there on all the different digital channels-this is what SEO is. Content can be articles, like this. Content can also be pictures and videos.

Do keywords matter? Sure. But content matters more.

Leverage the digital space

Websites are just one platform of many. To really be relevant, you have to exist where the people (i.e. your audience) are-that means Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, maybe Etsy or Pintrest, or some dark web underground forum. You gotta have reach, man.

Simple, but not easy

There it is. “SEO tips 2018”. Simple? Yes. Easy? Maybe not.

Build a website. Create your social media pages. Those might be easy steps for some of you, challenging for others, but certainly do-able. Content…now that’s the trick. It was easy for “SEO experts” to write bland articles around keywords and get solid rankings. What you will start to see is that those guys won’t be able to stay relevant for very much longer. Writing good, quality content is not easy.

SEO for the future

If you want to learn how to do your own SEO, website development, Facebook ads, or any other general business operations and support, Institution Enterprises is here to help, at a price and value that makes much more sense than a traditional marketing retainer. Our services are customized to your needs.

“We do it with you, not for you”

Institution Enterprises provides a new standard in business consulting and education, helping your start-up or seasoned business design the practices and customs for success in today’s marketplace.

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