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Don’t Just Have a Goal, Have a System | Business Systems for Success

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If You Want to Fail, Write Out All Your Goals

(and Have No Plan of Attack)

The Short Version:

Goals are for 5th graders. Want to succeed? Be a Leader and understand the systems you need for success. Goals are nothing without a system in place to support it. Do you have the business systems in place for success?

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Put out that fire!

One of my first jobs was as a reserve firefighter. If there was a fire, we had a clear goal: put it out. Simple right? Except that it isn’t simple. It takes communication, coordination, the right tools, the right techniques, etc…There are systems in place on how to properly, safely, and efficiently achieve that goal.

Before we ever even got to put out so much as a candle, we had to successfully go through a rigorous fire academy, just to learn the basics of the complicated systems that were necessary. If you passed academy, we were then on probation, having to constantly apply our systems knowledge in the real world. And if you didn’t screw up too much during probation? Well, then it was just more training, more drills, more school, more tests, and more expansion on the system. The goal was simple. But the goal is shit without the system.

Where businesses get it wrongbusiness systems-InstitutionEnterprises-losers have goals

How much systems training do you provide your employees? How much training do you have? When was the last time you did something to improve your own abilities? Or the abilities of your team? What systems do you use, if any?

To me, that is a big part of the problem with businesses today. There are a lot of “goals”, but not a lot of systems. This is especially evident in small businesses and start-ups. The fact is, many people have a great idea, or a great product, but don’t have the training, background, resources, or skills to design the system to turn it into a success. This is maybe because they think they can’t afford it, or they just don’t even know where to start.

What is a system?

It is a series of processes and procedures used to road map behavior and action.

Here is an example of goal setting without a system:

GOAL: increase social media engagement

ACTION: post something every day

Here is the same goal with a system in place:

GOAL: increase social media engagement


  1. Define “increase” (how much growth = a win?)
  2. Define “social media” (what platforms, Facebook? IG? Twitter?…)
  3. Define “engagement” (what exactly are you looking for? More followers? Clicks? Comments?)
  4. Establish baselines (where are you now?)
  5. Establish timeline (when will it start, when will you remeasure, etc…)
  6. Define “post” (i.e. what kind of content, hashtags, images, keywords…)
  7. Delegate who will manage project and if they need supporting team
  8. Implement any tools that might help
  9. GO!
  10. Monitor, measure, modify

Simple, not easy

Clearly, building a system seems simple enough, but also it is clear that it is not easy. It takes planning, forethought, and quite a bit of foundational work before even starting the actual “work” towards the goal. And once you have a system, it takes constant training, monitoring, measuring, and modifying.

This is why businesses don’t use systems. Business culture expects people to know how to do “it” all already. They tend to look at additional training as an expense, and an indication that their team or employee is under qualified. Yet, none of us look at the extensive training our Firefighters (or Law Enforcement, 1st Responders, Nurses, and Doctors) go through and think, “Boy, what a bunch of dummies, practicing that hose pull over and over.”

Make a change today

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This article was inspired by the strong words of Dilbert creator, Scott Adams. Check out his blog for more great insight!

“We do it with you, not for you”

Institution Enterprises provides a new standard in business consulting and education, helping your start-up or seasoned business design the practices and customs for success in today’s marketplace.

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