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Management is About Getting the Most Out of Your Team…

The Short Version:

The “lazy” approach does not equal the “easy” approach, but with the right leadership, even the lazy guy can benefit your company.

Do you think that Bill Gates is being serious in the above quote? I mean, on one hand, it sounds like just the sort of deep insight into people and business that a gagillionaire like Gates would have. But on the other hand…lazy people are lazy…they don’t find the “easy” way to do it, they find the “lazy” way. Can that “lazy” employee really find you an easier/more efficient solution?

Sacramento business consulting is growing

Business consulting with Institution Enterprises is all about providing a fresh set of eyes on your business. This could be regarding your process, sales model, or your people. We believe that strong business leadership is about understanding people on an individual basis so that you can understand what motivates them. It could be that the “lazy” person in the office is really just unmotivated. Or that they work in a different style than your classical definition. Sacramento business consulting continues to grow for The Institution because businesses appreciate the value of perspective.

Redirect and be flexible

In general, the lazy person is the one that does not go the extra mile or take the extra steps. They tend to not be detail oriented, but focused on a singular task. While this can be incredibly frustrating for their co-workers who share the same roles and responsibilities, it does not mean that they are “bad” at their job. Trying to force this person into being something they are not is usually a waste of time. Leadership should instead identify where that person is strong, and what they are motivated to do, and task them accordingly. They will generally be exceedingly efficient at those tasks. Have them spend more time on those tasks, and less time on the details and responsibilities which they are “lazy” at.

Alternatively, there are probably other team members who are incredibly detail oriented, Type-A personalities. They can get tied up in the details and lose efficiency in production. Allow these people to focus on the details and tasks which they excel at.

Organizing your team by their strengths may feel unorthodox at first, but it will ultimately lead to synergy.

Level Up your business

Look, we are not here to argue with Bill Gates. We love this quote because it does make you think. If your business needs some perspective, or your managers need some leadership support, or you just want to learn how to improve your digital presence and SEO, then CONTACT Institution Enterprises today for a FREE CONSULTATION!

“We do it with you, not for you”

Institution Enterprises provides a new standard in business consulting and education, helping your start-up or seasoned business design the practices and customs for success in today’s marketplace.

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