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You Can Master SEO with These Simple Steps!

Search Engine Optimization does not have to be confusing or expensive. Many companies we come across are so overwhelmed by the very idea of SEO that they don’t even know where to begin.

We like to take complicated things and make them simple. So here are 3 simple keys to SEO.

You can dig into each one of these steps and fine tune the strategy around them…but at the very least, just make sure you have these basics covered. Each topic is covered in detail throughout our INSIDER TIPS pages, so be sure to click through to keep learning!


1. Start with the right website

2. Create content

3. Leverage social media

Doing something is always going to be better than doing nothing! Please don’t hesitate to REACH OUT to us for a *FREE* 30 minute consultation if you need help with how to begin!

CONTACT THE INSTITUTION today to get started.

Want help getting started with SEO? Reach out. Our motto is “with you, not for you”, because we believe the best way to help you is by helping you learn how to do it yourself (like training wheels, we help make sure you do it right).

“We do it with you, not for you”

Institution Enterprises is a Sacramento marketing firm that provides a new standard in business consulting and education, helping your start-up or seasoned business design the practices and customs for success in today’s marketplace.

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Simple Steps for SEO | Folsom Business Consulting

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