These Are the Best Facebook Headlines for Engagement

Institution Enterprises-Best Facebook Headlines | Social Media Marketing Research Discovers the Best and Worst Headlines to Use on Facebook The Short Version: Posting regularly to your business Facebook account is not enough. The real goal is engagement. Using some basic strategy, along with these proven headlines, will help you improve your social media marketing and Facebook engagement. It’s a Numbers Game The Facebook has 1.4 B-B-Buhhh-Billion DAILY USERS!!! That means even if you do just a mediocre job creating Facebook content, you have a massive opportunity to get your brand out there! And if you use our suggestions on how to properly leverage Facebook Boosts to increase your website SEO, you will be doing even better. But Make the Numbers Count Massive exposure is good. But the real name of the game is “engagement”. Basically, engagement is getting people to click, like, share, or comment on your Facebook post. Clearly, people engaging with your post is better than people just scrolling past it. But how do you get them to engage?? Well, the first tip is USE A PICTURE OR VIDEO. These things are far more eye catching than just a bunch of words. The other trick, especially to get … Continue reading These Are the Best Facebook Headlines for Engagement