first aid training sacramento
The Institution believes that first aid/CPR training is beneficial to everyone, not just First Responders.
We tailor our training to meet your level of need and  application.
first aid training Sacramento-Institution Enterprises

ASHI Certified First Aid, CPR/AED, BLS training

Non-Certificate, customized training for your specific needs is available

Active Shooter/Community Safety training

Law Enforcement/Security specialized training

Unlimited Training OPtions

sacramento CPR/AED training
first aid training sacramento
active shooter training sacramento
ASHI Certified Training
Custom Designed Training
Civilian Response&Safety


If you are looking for a certificate in Basic First Aid, CPR/AED, or Basic Life Support, our ASHI Certified Instructors are here for you! Combining approved material, specialized hands on training, and an instructor team with real patient care experience, our training will keep your skills sharp.


If you are looking for the skills and knowledge of First Aid training, but don't need a certificate, OR you have specific training needs (youth sports, work place safety, etc...), The Institution will custom design a program to fit your exact needs.


Sadly, today's environment dictates that the public be even more prepared for their own safety and health. Our Civilian Response & Safety course (CRS) focuses on practical response to active shooting scenarios, danger recognition, situational awareness, bleeding control, and basic self defense that is practical for ANY civilian, of ANY age and experience.

CPR/AED Training Sacramento

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First Aid training is not just for First Responders. No matter your experience level or background, our training is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to make you confident in providing first aid.

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“We do it with you, not for you”

Institution Enterprises provides a new standard in training and education, helping improve community medicine and safety.

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